Tooth care for infants and children

After feeding your baby, wipe their gums with a washcloth to remove any extra milk. This will stimulate their gums, remove any extra particles, and get them used to the sensation of brushing early. This will also make it easier when you introduce brushing later. We have specialized finger-sized cloths that make this process easier. Come by and pick one up!

Never put your child to bed with a cup or bottle

To prevent milk from causing decay, it is also important to brush or clean the teeth and gums with a cloth after the last feeding at night.

If you’ve got ’em, brush ’em!

Start brushing your child’s teeth as soon as they come in. Use an infant toothbrush, and water only at first. The earlier you begin to brush, the more likely it is that your child will enjoy the feeling of clean teeth!

Around age one, start using toddler toothpaste with no fluoride. Then, at age two, switch to a toothpaste with fluoride.

Begin to floss your child’s teeth as soon as the back molars have come in. Food can get trapped between the teeth, and cavities can start at a very early age.

As your child begins to want to brush independently, it is important to allow them to do so. However, your child will not have the manual dexterity to brush without your help until about age seven. So, to ensure the beauty of their smile, be certain that you brush and floss their teeth again, after they brush.


How Soon Should We Visit?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends your child have their first dental examination by the age of one. And we agree! Each child should have an early examination to check the eruption of baby teeth, growth, and development. We are available for parents to ask questions during this exciting time in your child’s life.

If your child is involved in sports

Mouth guards should be worn for ALL organized sports, to include soccer, baseball, softball, volleyball, basketball, hockey, and football. Any organized sport can lead to dental injuries, and we want to protect your child’s smile.

Mouth guards can be purchased at most sporting goods stores. However, we can fit your child with a custom-fitted mouth guard for the best protection of your child’s smile. Custom-fitted mouth guards have the best fit when your child has all his or her permanent teeth. Please feel free to call and set up an appointment today.